Be “Actively Grateful”

Posted on Oct 31, 2012

For full coverage on the devastation at Breezy Point, go here: NY Daily News

Donate to the Red Cross

First, I hope you are warm and dry and safe wherever you are reading this. Sandy’s power touched so many here in the northeast, and since I am relatively untouched by her devastation I have much to be grateful for.

But as I sit here in a paralyzed city, I find that true gratitude is not a passive state, nor is it enough.

Watching reports from Staten Island, Atlantic City and Breezy Point Queens of complete devastation, massive flooding in North Jersey (and just about everywhere else), 8+ million without power, subways flooded, and a sadly rising death toll, I realize that gratitude comes with the responsibility of the unscathed to our fellow travelers in harm’s way. What do I have to offer them? My time, work and money? Yes, of course, but I also have a platform – YOU wonderful folks!

So…I’m asking anyone who is able to be Actively Grateful. Do this tiny thing – donate to the Red Cross. Text “Red Cross” to 90999 to donate $10, or go to to do so securely online. It’s a little thing, but put together it adds up, and the Red Cross will make the most of whatever you can spare.

Also, if you’re in the NYC area, NY1 reports that NY blood banks urgently need donors–go to to find out where to donate.

Be Actively Grateful with me today in whatever way you can, and I’ll see you back here in My Tiny Kitchen next week.

Thank you.


PS. The above photo is from the NY Daily News – story at this link: