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Who Am I?

I’m Brian Myers Cooper. I’m an actor and I live in New York City. Like most regular folks here in the Big Apple, my kitchen is, shall we say… tiny. And challenging. A [very] few odd cabinets even more oddly placed.  A stunted fridge and stove. Almost fourteen whole inches of actual counter space! Plus, a constant parade of unwanted creatures just waiting for a stray crumb. Is it any wonder why soooo many New Yorkers eat out almost all the time?

Well, I can’t do that.

One, I grew up on a farm where my mother kept a well stocked pantry that could conceivably get us through a full winter. It’s in my bones to cook my own food.

And two, I’m poor. OK, not exactly poor, but I certainly can’t afford to eat out 21 meals a week.

And finally, three, I’d like to live a long life, and eating out all the time is one of the things wrong with this country! Cooking gives me control over what fuels my body. Even when I’m making something decadent, I know what’s going in it, and frankly I savor it all the more for my efforts.

Welcome to My Tiny Kitchen, a collection of my recipes and tips for making even a tiny space into a place where you can create delicious food.  I’m gonna do my best to eliminate all your excuses for not cooking with my easy, tasty, frugal and decadent recipes in Tiny Kitchen Treats. Plus, you’ll get Tiny Kitchen Tips for making the most of the space you have. My theory is that no matter how tiny your kitchen is, you too can make wonderful meals for you and your family.

So come with me into that mysterious closet you’ve been avoiding called your kitchen and claim your tiny space! Let’s make some great food!


Brian Myers Cooper is an actor, teacher, coach, director and union activist. In addition to his work in theatre and commercials, he teaches an ongoing scene study class, coaches privately and cooks incessantly. He is a member of Actor’s Equity and SAG, and sits on the national Council and Eastern Regional Board of Equity, as well as serving as trustee to the Equity-League Pension and Health Funds and the AEA Staff Pension Fund. He has written a play and a book, and is working on more of the same. Brian lives in NYC with his husband of thirteen years, Orville, who has been his main tutor in good pig husbandry.
Nikki Terry says:

hey there darling. what a great idea. i love "my tiny kitchen" and going to share with my partner, Ayana. she too loves to cook. congrats to you and i am going to share your blog with everyone.

Osu- remember that ;o)
nikki terry